Monday, 27 February 2017

Drummers' mitre cap, 13th Regiment of Dragoons, 1751.

 From here where there are details

THE SEALED KNOT - Promotional Film (2016)

British fifers and drummers of the mid 18thc


A London Fair c1730 by John Laguerre

John Collet

Josefinské slavnosti 2016

Every year at the fortress of Terezin there is a spectacular Seven Years War weekend that sees cavalry, night battles and general black powder excitement. Here's a short film that captures some of that  action.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Engagement at Philips Norton, 1685

Legio's Wargames has a nice reconstruction of Philip's Norton

Philip's Norton 1685

This is a map from the 1911 Somerset Archaelogical Proceedings piece on the battle in the Monmouth Rebellion. It's based on an 18th OS map. Useful if you wanted to wargame it. This photo from the 60s gives you another insight into the battle. If you want to read about the battle there's anextract from my book Days of King Monmouth here